Paris Terrorist Attacks

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By Steven E. Haynes
November 14, 2015

Allen, Texas – We live in savage times these days and the terrorist attacks in Paris yesterday are another example. By all indications, this attack was well planned, well executed and took many months of planning. The French counter-terrorist guys and their intelligence service is top notch so the fact that ISIL was able to conduct these attacks without any forewarning is a bit surprising.

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National Domestic Preparedness Coalition-Global Center for Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability

Paris Terrorist Attacks SitRep 1- Nov 13

Paris Terrorist Attacks SitRep 2- Nov 14

Specialized Risk is a member of the coalition.

Everyone should be hyper-vigilant for anything suspicious in the coming weeks due to the increased likelihood of copycat attacks by lone wolf extremists who want to tag on to ISIL’s success in Paris.

Remember, if you see something….say something by contacting your local law enforcement agency who will contact their regional counter-terrorism task force.

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